Tuesday, April 17, 2012

week in the life | 2012

I am weeks behind in Project Life. I have pieces of life all over my little desk and photos saved into files ready to print but flipping back through my album it's about 6 weeks till you see a finished week.

Yet I can't stop thinking about Ali Edwards, Week in the Life project. I feel like I need to capture my life as it is right now: work + family + living in the family home because I know next year it will be different.

I attempted it last year. I took some photos. Wrote some words. Then life got busy. Again. This year feels different. I have freed myself from thinking it has to be like the beautiful layouts I see on the internet. I know now that isn't me.

This year I am determined to make it work.

I have a plan and it all started with an email from Kiki-K about their new photobooks. The seeds were planted. All I need it words and pictures to create a beautiful photo book of a week in my life.

I think I will take photos and blog them each night. That way I can keep track of the day to day stuff. I am also going to try really hard to capture my work day as I find that can be tricky, as I start to feel like each day is the same. 

Will you be participating in Week in the Life 2012?

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