Wednesday, January 30, 2013

goodbye summer holidays

And just like that, school went back.

I have no idea where the time yet. I have a heap of photos on my phone and camera.  Drafted, unedited posts, just sitting there. Waiting. Maybe they will see the light of day, maybe they won't.

I know that good stuff happened over the holidays. Lots of it. There were day trips and overnight trips. Lots of eating, drinking and baking. Crafting. Reading. Long lunches with friends. Adventures. Running. Relaxing. Starting new projects. Finishing old ones.

With a new year, brings lots of thinking and reflecting, which leads to goals for the coming year...

This year, will be the year I try to work out a way to maintain this blog while negativing my way through the land of school.

This year, will be the year that I save the hardest I ever have so that we can travel in 2014.

This year, will be the year I embrace an evening routine.

This year, will be the year I run painfree.

Has work gone back for you?

What goals do you have for 2013?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello Project Life 2013

I seriously don't care that currently my 2012 project life album is sitting on my table, three quarters done. Slowly, I will finish it. The fact that I have recorded stuff is rad. It tells my story for 2012 and that is awesome. I love love love the stories & snippets & memories of life that I have recorded.

Naturally, I thought it would be complele reasonable to start my 2013 album before I had completed 2012. This year, I plan to not get caught up in the project life over load, that happens over here! Instead, I plan to keep it super super simple as that is what works for me. A tag here, a little bit of washi or a flair over there. I don't do layers and fancy scrapbook pages in each pockets. I love that over the past year or so I have really begun to find my style & my approach to this project.

Here is my title page for 2013. Currently, it is at the end of my 2012 album while I wait for the new albums to be in stock. I have used the Seafoam Project Life Kit, which I plant to use a whole lot throughout this album, a free printable from Cathy Zielske's and the quote card is from here.

I love how it all came together.

For those of you who are new to the concept, Project Life is a memory keeping system that is completely awesome. The creator of Project Life, Becky Higgins explains it much better than I could in a cute little video here.

Like last year, I plan to use Project Life as way to document my weeks. The big things, sad things, happy things and everything in between. The photos, stories and stuff that makes up our life. The best thing about starting at the beginning of the new year, is that my album always starts off with summer holidays! I am currently taking part in Ali Edward's one little word workshop and have worked my way through Elise Joy's i choose class. Bits and pieces from both of those will be included in my album throughout the year.

A couple of days after New Years, Brendan and I headed down to Phillip Island with a group of friends for Kustom Nats, big classic car show that is hold at Phillip Island Race Track. It was such a lovely weekend with old friends, new friends and beautiful weather. I had lots of extra photos so I decided to add an insert with some photos just from the track that weekend.

There you go. Project Life Week 1 is done and in the books. That, I love that.

I really don't think I will be posting my layouts everyweek, mainly because it's unlikey they will be finished on time and I really don't think I want to put that stress on myself. Remember, the whole concept of Project Life is to make it work for you. I will probably try for monthly updates.

Any questions, ask away. I will do my best to try and answer them. 

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

my creative space | hexagon blanket

There is something magically about the summer holidays. Morning sunshine, lazy afternoons, the feeling that you have all the time in the world. Enter the hexagon blanket. I have been loving the look of crochet hexagons for quite some time, yet they always appeared in the two hard bag. Until, the summer holidays came along and I stumbled upon the easiest tutorial I had seen for them yet. One thing led to another, and before I knew it I hard started to make my own hexagon blanket!

I've been using a similar kind of join as you go technique that I used here. It's not perfect. I'm not really convienced that I like how they join together. But at the moment, I don't want to learn a new joining stitch, as I would never finish the blanket if I didn't join them as I went along.

I am embracing the perfectly imperfect hexagon blanket. I am loving the look the solid colours give when joined together. I love that I have a new go to whenever project.

What are your currently working on?
Do you prefer long term or short term projects?

Linking up with my creative space for the first time this year.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

right now.

Hello 2013. 

I have no idea how to start this post. So much has happened over the last month. We've celebrated Christmas and New Years and had a lovely extra long weekend getaway with some awesome friends. I have projects, ideas and to do lists running through my heads. People to catch up with, things to do and planning for starting the new school year.

And yet, I have no idea where to start, which stories to tell and which photos to share.

Just begin. And that is what I will do. 

Tomorrow I will post my first my creative space post for the year. I hope to make it a regular feature on the blog this year. I also plan to share my approach to project life this year, parts of my one little word journey and snippets from my life. 

2013 is looking to be a year of consolidating things and making plans. Life changing plans. I can't wait to share this journey with you.

How is 2013 looking for you?

Casey x