Thursday, February 23, 2012


Loving Thursday night TV and ignoring everything on my to do list except relaxing and crocheting.

Grays Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Private Practice.

Crocheting parts of not one, but two work in progress. Making plans for a third project.

Loving looking at blankets and seeing the inspiration come to life.

Hanging out for Friday, thankfully, that is tomorrow.

 What are you currently loving?

Casey x

Monday, February 20, 2012

point + shot: sunday

What I wished I was doing...

Instead, I spent a lot of time correcting homework and spelling tests and contacting a giant pile of workbooks.

It was definately a get things done weekend, hopefully that is a good sign it will be an awesomely productive week.

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Casey x

Monday, February 13, 2012

point + shoot: picnic at hanging rock

Wow, somehow it's Monday - Monday night to be more specific. It's amazing how fast the day goes when you have a giant to do list. So quick, that I almost forgot what I did on the weekend.

Saturday was a pretty non eventful day that I renamed the day of errands. Powerflex class, physio and buying new runners. I did get to have a little bit of fun replenishing my wool supply at Spotlight.

Sunday was a different story. Brendan and I were up nice and early to attend the annual Picnic at Hanging Rock Car Show.

It is the perfect place to see whatever type of car you are in to (for the record, we side in the Ford camp) and there are so. many. cars. Without counting, I am certain there was close to 1 000 done up old cars, with a few new ones thrown in. I spend most of my time trying to decide which car colour would make the best nailpolish and distinguishing the real GTs from the 'fake' ones. 

All these photos were taken by the Boy. He likes cars and cameras.

 There was even a heap of really nicely done up VWs. They were awesome!

 It's purple! A ford! Has stripes! It ticks all the right boxes and I'm hoping it will turn up on my doorstep when Christmas rolls around. Did I mention it was for sale?

So. Many. Cars. This photo really doesn't do the size of the show justice!

I quite often was wondering around and ended up in front of the shot. Opps.

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Casey x

Thursday, February 9, 2012

creative space: arcade fire blanket

As soon as I saw this post, I knew I had found my next project. It has affectionately been labelled the arcade fire blanket because I can't say the word arcade without breaking out into this in my head.

With work going back this month and my crafty time becoming precious, this blanket has been the perfect unwind at the end of the night project. There is nothing more therapeutic then crocheting row after row after row and watching it grow.

Hopefully, it will become an awesome blanket to snuggle under before winter sets in.

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Casey x

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

school's back

 School went back today, or more to the point, the teachers went back to school to do some learning before the kids arrive. Our kids don't return till Friday.

Which means, summer holidays are officailly over.

No more late nights watching tv. No more lazing around in my pjs till lunch time. No more eating breakfast for lunch. No more spur of the minute catch up with friends.

It's back to reality.

5.30am rises to make 6am gym classes before work. Planning lessons, correcting work, classroom management. Falling asleep by 9pm on Friday nights.

While I would love to continue the holiday side of things for a little bit longer, I am excited about going back to work. For me, the new year begins now and from where I am standing it looks like it is full of potential and ideas and plans, both professionally and personally. I am totally looking forward to sharing this years adventure. It already feels good.

Casey  xx