Wednesday, February 1, 2012

school's back

 School went back today, or more to the point, the teachers went back to school to do some learning before the kids arrive. Our kids don't return till Friday.

Which means, summer holidays are officailly over.

No more late nights watching tv. No more lazing around in my pjs till lunch time. No more eating breakfast for lunch. No more spur of the minute catch up with friends.

It's back to reality.

5.30am rises to make 6am gym classes before work. Planning lessons, correcting work, classroom management. Falling asleep by 9pm on Friday nights.

While I would love to continue the holiday side of things for a little bit longer, I am excited about going back to work. For me, the new year begins now and from where I am standing it looks like it is full of potential and ideas and plans, both professionally and personally. I am totally looking forward to sharing this years adventure. It already feels good.

Casey  xx

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