Monday, February 13, 2012

point + shoot: picnic at hanging rock

Wow, somehow it's Monday - Monday night to be more specific. It's amazing how fast the day goes when you have a giant to do list. So quick, that I almost forgot what I did on the weekend.

Saturday was a pretty non eventful day that I renamed the day of errands. Powerflex class, physio and buying new runners. I did get to have a little bit of fun replenishing my wool supply at Spotlight.

Sunday was a different story. Brendan and I were up nice and early to attend the annual Picnic at Hanging Rock Car Show.

It is the perfect place to see whatever type of car you are in to (for the record, we side in the Ford camp) and there are so. many. cars. Without counting, I am certain there was close to 1 000 done up old cars, with a few new ones thrown in. I spend most of my time trying to decide which car colour would make the best nailpolish and distinguishing the real GTs from the 'fake' ones. 

All these photos were taken by the Boy. He likes cars and cameras.

 There was even a heap of really nicely done up VWs. They were awesome!

 It's purple! A ford! Has stripes! It ticks all the right boxes and I'm hoping it will turn up on my doorstep when Christmas rolls around. Did I mention it was for sale?

So. Many. Cars. This photo really doesn't do the size of the show justice!

I quite often was wondering around and ended up in front of the shot. Opps.

Go here to see what some other rad people got up to this weekend. 

Casey x

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