Thursday, April 25, 2013

What’s on Your…

I saw this on Ali's blog and thoughts it was a perfect snapshot of life right now.

VANITY | I don’t have one. Thinking I may need one. Currently, the bench top in the bathroom is covered with a collection of hair and beauty products and  yesterdays jewellery.

PERENNIAL TO DO LIST | getting the washing up to date. Meal planning for the week and food shopping. Cleaning the bathroom. Correcting the kids persuasive writing. Filling in my work program for last week. Gathering and sorting my paperwork and thoughts to start the report writing process.

REFRIGERATOR SHELVES | zucchinis, beans, feta cheese, lemon cordial, bacon, leftover pizza, breakfast juice.

ITINERARY | Hawthorn vs North Melbourne with Tayla next weekend. Birthday celebrations. Seeing Matt Corby at the end of May. Hoping to make plans for June long weekend.   

FANTASY ITINERARY | Splendour in the grass in Byron. South America, Italy, France, Spain, South East Asia next year.

PLAYLIST | Noah and the Whale. Vydamo. The xx. Passion Pit. Ball Park Music. Matt Corby. The Black Keys.

NIGHTSTAND |I don’t currently have one. I have a lamp sitting on a pile of ‘to read’ books that are on the edge of our pallet bed. I really miss having a nightstand and a place to put my bits and pieces.

WORKOUT PLAN | 6am Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Rain, hail or shine. Hoping to fit in a weekend run too.

IPHONE | Instagram, messages from Brendan + mum, facebook, rain radar, alarm clock.

TOP 5 LIST | Adventures and road trips with Brendan. Craft time. Travel (planning, embarking, documenting). Long lunches with friends. Baking.

BUCKET LIST: More travel and experiences. Moving to the coast. Renovating a house with Brendan and turning it into our home. Getting a dog.

MIND: Getting on top of things at work and hoping to find that elusive work/life balance. Preparing my body and mind to run the 10k at Run Melbourne. Money and budgets and saving. Eating locally.

WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE: Being a rental house, they are all the same colour. Thankfully, this is a lovely cream shade. The pictures on the walls of the lounge room are pretty rad. Would love to have more art hanging on the walls. 

LIQUOR SHELF: A bottle of tequila I received for my 21st birthday still unopened. Vodka. Southern Comfort. A few bottles of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENT:  Car insurance, photography course, Bendigo woollen mills.

SCREENSAVER: Default mac screen saver. I have no idea why I have not changed it yet.

TV EVERY NIGHT: The Voice. 7pm Project. News.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

life right now

It feels like I clicked my fingers, woke up and it was April. I have no idea how that happened.

Term one rushed past in a blur of getting to know the students and new staff, a two week school swimming program, beginning of year testing, a whole school cultural fiesta and the opening of our new building and a learning expo. And all of this is a super short 9 week term (including the midweek start and early Easter end!) Crazy.

A few weekends ago, we participated in Relay For Life for the third year. It is an incredible event. I have hundreds of photos +  hours of video from the event which I am working on putting into some sort of video.

I've been embracing cooking at home. I joined in with Ruth's bread revolution and made bread. It was rad and tasted amazing. This is a good thing for my budget and health.

I've been slowly working away on my hexagon blanket and I taught myself to ripple. Then I decided I really didn't like what I had done so far, pulled it all out and started again. I am now waiting or my new wool order to arrive so I can continue to work on it.

I signed up for Tim Coulson's workshop, The Nursery later in the year. Pretty much every blogger I admire went along at some time last year and had a fantastic time. I can't wait. 

I've been thinking about how I can commit to blogging. The current trend I am noticing goes something like this. Blog during school holidays. Completely forgot about blogging when school goes back. School holidays. Apolgoise for the lack of blogging. Blog during holidays. Repeat. Thinking I might need to spend some time planning for the blog. Because, really, I think it is an ace thing to be doing.

What have you been making or baking lately?
How have you made blogging apart of your routine?