Sunday, April 1, 2012

point + shot | run for the kids

It was magic that I finished the 14km Run for the Kids today.

I had been training for it for months but I've had a few hard weeks at school and wasn't feeling on my game when I woke up this morning.  My calf's were cramping. I had pains I've never experienced my knee and ankles. Oh how I felt like giving up. But I didn't. I kept on 'running' (really I was jogging very very slow). I had never run 14ks till today and boy did it challenge my physically and mentally.

But today I broke through that barrier and in the process I got to run through the Domain Tunnel (horrible experience) and over the Bolte Bridge (best 3ks of the run) and through some beautiful parts of Melbourne, think Fed Square, Arts Centre, Flinders Street and Harbour Town. For some reason, I am already looking forward to next years run.

I spent the rest of the day crocheting a few more rows on the giant arcade fire blanket and snacking on yummy chocolatey goodness kindly gifted to me by some very special children. Watch out school holidays, I am coming to get you!

Playing along with Sunny and Scout


  1. Good on you! Very inspiring. I have read a lot of posts lately about running and starting to think maybe it's my turn to get into it. Until then I'll stick to all your last paragraph activities :)

  2. That is such an amazing achievement, well done to you for persevering!!!
    Ronnie xo