Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

I have had a wonderful Easter. It has been the perfect combination of relaxing, time with family, time with friends, eating chocolate, crafting and remembering the reason for the season. New projects have been started and new friendships have been formed.

Good Friday was spend with our awesome group of high school friends, listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, dancing and catching up. In some cases, it had been over two months since I had seen some of these guys.

It wouldn't be Easter Sunday without mums famous roast and it didn't disappoint at all. So much yummy food that the chocolate was pushed to the side.

I started a new crochet project.

More importantly, I learnt how to play 500. I can't believe it has taken me nearly 25 years to learn how to play one of the most common games ever. I now want to challenge everyone I see to a game. It also means Brendan and I have no reason not to plan a camping adventure now, as our nighttime entertainment is sorted.

And the best part is there is still a whole week of school holidays to go, including Easter Monday. Those days are already filled up with catching up with old and new friends, crafting adventures and maybe a little prep for next term.

Casey x

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