Monday, June 4, 2012

right now

Winter has really set in down here in Melbourne. The mornings are cold and icy. The days are long and cold and and really wet. Layers are being worn at every opportunity. Boots and stockings are on on high rotations. The fire is burning day and night.

I am right in the middle of writing reports and I have declared the Queens Birthday long weekend, the report writing long weekend. They will be finished.

I am finding a few minutes here and there to crochet a few more squares for this blanket and I am dreaming about learning this stitch to make this scarf

I am pinning bits and pieces over here and really hoping to find my blogging mojo really soon. 

Are things slowing down for winter in your corner of the world or are they about to get busy? 


  1. Hi Casey! The summer has already started here in Athens, Greece, and the days are slowly becoming hotter and hotter!
    I like the scarf you want to make and your squares look very pretty!
    Have a lovely day,

    1. Oh Wow! How luck are you Angeliki, I would love for our days to become a little bit warmer. Thank you for your kind words, we definitely need lots of layers down here in Melbourne at the moment :)

  2. Writing reports? Bleh! Reading well written, thoughtful, descriptive and insightful reports that have been written about my own children? Well that's a different matter!

    Check out the hexagon tutorial on Attic24. That's where I got my pattern from. I'm also using the join-as-you-go method that Lucy used in her blanket.

    Hope the report writing is all finished! I truly empathise!! xx

    1. I love reading well written reports too, just don't love writing them as much. Off to look at the tutorial hexagon pattern at Attic24, tat might be a good holiday project. Love the join-as-you-go method!

  3. I live in Sydney and it's been pretty cold here as well, though this past weekend was slightly warmer. I don't think there's ever a slow season in our lives, though we do have a holiday coming up next month which is very exciting. I'm enjoying reading your posts. Hope you feel inspired soon, I know what it feels like when one's blogging mojo runs away...
    Ronnie xo

  4. Thanks for stopping by Pink Ronnie and leaving such lovely comments. I have definitely found my creative mojo, now to find the blogging one to go with it. Holidays are lovely! Are you escaping the cold winter on your holiday?