Monday, March 26, 2012

point + shot: relay for life

For the second year running, my family and I participated in Relay for Life with a group of our most amazing friends. I am still amazed by what a powerful and emotionally event it is. This year we raised just over $3 300  and have grand plans to double that next year, yes, we have already signed up again! Overall, this year the relay raised over $40 000, which is a fantastic result considering it was the first relay for our area. 

We laughed.

 We remembered.

 We cried.

 We walked at night.

We tried to grab a couple of hours sleep wherever we could.

We ate while we watched the sun rise.

We walked during the day.

Most importantly, we fought back which is an such an uplifting and powerful experience.

I also took a heap of video footage to turn into some sort of video tribute in the school holidays, which I personally think sums up the whole experience better than words + photos can in this instance.

Playing along with Sunny + Scout

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